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Why wouldn’t you want to take your children with you on a trip to India? In fact, minors may want to visit India even without their parents. Children under 18 years of age need an Indian visa for minors or entry visa India for minor to travel to India, whether with their parents or not. As such they require their own passport. Newborn babies traveling to India must be accompanied, have a valid proof of age such as a birth certificate, their own passport, and a visa. Airlines have restrictions regarding flying with newborns, which should be taken into consideration.


When applying, whether online or at the Consulate, it is compulsory to complete the Parental Authorization Form For Minors, which must then be printed out and notarized. The notarized Parental Authorization Form for Minors must accompany the application whether or not the minor applicant is traveling with the parents. Applications must contain the following:

  • Birth Certificate of the minor or a government-issued document identifying the parents, their nationality, and date of birth. Restrictions do apply, such that:
    • only birth certificates are accepted for US-born minor applicants;
    • US citizens born abroad must also include a copy of the Born Abroad certificate issued by the state department;
    • Minor applicants born in India may include either their birth certificate, old Indian passport or school leaving certificate;
    • Minor applicants not born in the US or India are required to provide a notarized birth certificate, or government document issued by the country of origin provided it includes the parents’ names, nationality, and date of birth. Documents must be translated into English.
  • Children aged 5 years or older must print their name in the signature box on the first page, below the photograph, to apply Indian visa for baby for the application form to be accepted. In cases where the minor cannot comply due to medical reasons, the signature box should contain their thumb print. The parent’s signature in lieu is not acceptable.
  • Children under the age of 5 years who are too young to sign should include their own thumb impression in the box on Page 1 and in the 2 boxes on Page 3. Thumbprints should be in black or blue ink only.
  • Parents’ signatures are to be included where designated for Father and Mother.
  • The Declaration section on top of page must be signed by the father.
  • The box for the purpose should only contain either the thumb impression or signature of the minor applicants, but never both.
  • Copies of vital page(s) of both parents signed passports, including the picture and signature page.
  • Both parents’ signatures on the 2nd page only.
  • Where both parents cannot present in person during the application process, the 2nd page of the application form must be notarized with a notary stamp and seal.
  • A relevant death certificate in cases where one parent is deceased.

Single parents must submit:

  • a copy of court document(s) as proof of legal and physical custody of the minor;
  • child’s birth certificate affirming names of both parents;
  • where both parents’ names appear on the birth certificate, each parent’s signature and photo identification is compulsory. Birth certificates stating only the single parent’s name must include the single parent’s signature and photo identification;
  • legally separated parents where both are named on the birth certificate must provide proof of legal separation;
  • court order authorizing the child to travel to India, stating the duration of the visit, where only one parent signs the form.
  • relevant death certificate in cases where one parent is deceased.

A visa can be issued to minors whose legally separated biological parents both sign the minor’s application to consent to the travel to India with their signed photo identification. Stepparents are not acknowledged as legal guardians unless named as legal guardians on a fresh birth certificate. Adopted children must present a legal guardian certificate. 

If one of the parents is deceased, then the death certificate is required.


All applicants requiring an entry visa for India pay the same relevant fees, regardless of whether for an adult or for an India visa for minors.

Indian Visa Online assists travelers to apply for a visa for children or babies, helping to do away with any confusion in the application process.