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Some 1.3 million Americans visited India in 2006 alone, and the Indian Government has made it even easier for US nationals to apply for a visa to visit this awesome country. It is accepted that to travel abroad; foreign nationals require travel documents. US citizens wanting to travel to India would need a valid US passport and a suitable visa to visit India. Foreign nationals must be in possession of a passport valid for 30 days after the date of arrival in India. The passport must have at least two blank pages for the Immigration stamps on arrival and departure.

The USA is one of more than 160 countries eligible for the e-Tourist visa (eTV) rolled out by the Indian Government in November 2014. Apply online Indian visa for short stays of up to 60 days when applying with a US passport. Travelers must arrive through a designated sea or airport for their biometrics to be checked by Immigration Officials on arrival but may depart through any port. U.S citizens traveling to India for the purpose of pleasure or tourism, and short stay medical and business visits, can apply for the e-Visa online without consulting a consulate. This electronic visa does not take the form of a stamp or label placed in the passport. To be eligible for the e-Visa, U.S citizens must apply between 4 and 120 days prior to entry into India for a stay of up to 60-days.

The India Visa Application online must be accompanied by the scanned first page of the passport in PDF format AND a digital photograph in JPEG format that meets specifications. The online process has 3 steps:

  1. Apply online
  2. Submit Payment
  3. Electronic Travel Authorization is emailed in PDF format and must be printed out and carried for the duration of the trip.

The Indian Government offers various visas according to the reason for visiting India. These include the student visa, business visa, journalist visa, employment visa, research visa, medical or medical attendant visa, diplomatic visa, mountaineering visa, missionary visa, and film visa. To apply Indian Visa of these types necessitates a visit to the VAC or Indian Embassy in your country of origin. It is imperative that application is made for the visa that best suits your reasons for wanting to go to India. Visas are usually issued within three to five days of application to the Indian Mission or VAC.

Applications submitted through the nearest Indian Consulate or Embassy may be done through the Visa Application Centre relevant to your area. Most countries, including the USA, have their Indian Consulate visa processing outsourced to these agencies. This procedure starts with an online application, and handwritten applications are not acceptable wherever online facilities are provided. An application ID is automatically generated to be used for further communication with the Indian Mission; an appointment is scheduled with the appropriate Consulate General of India and payment is requested. The visa will not be granted unless all the stipulated documentation is included in the application, and the full fee is paid. Supporting documentation includes proof of state residency, signed application, a recent 2 x 2 passport type color photograph, and signed additional particulars form. Travelers are advised to check the website of their Indian Embassy before finalizing travel arrangements to India.

Applying for a visa, whether online or through the Consulate or VAC need not be overwhelming, Indian Visa Online assists foreign nationals in processing the online Indian visa application. As an Indian Visa Agency, no affiliation exists to any organizations or the Government of India.