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Anyone wanting to enter India as a foreign national must be in possession of a valid international visa issued by an Indian Mission or Post abroad. To facilitate travelers many Indian Missions/Posts internationally have outsourced their visa, passport and consular services since 2006. India visa agency/India visa company/online Indian visa agency or Indian Visa Center (VACS) affiliated to the Indian Mission or Consulate can be located in whichever country. Since most of the international Indian Missions or Posts now outsource their visa handling procedures to third-party services, it is through these fully-fledged Indian Visa Centers that applications for Indian visas are made.

But what exactly is a Visa Application Center? Visa Application Centers or VACs provide a front-line service for Indian Immigration. They conduct all administrative, non-decision-making acts pertaining to Indian visa applications in countries where application numbers are numerous. The goal of these agencies is to help applicants with the often-overwhelming bureaucracy involved in applying for a visa, as well as to facilitate difficult or emergency cases. These visa application centers have the technology, experience, and expertise to process information dissemination, automated application and appointment systems help lines, collection and remittance of fees, biometric enrolment and convenient services to enhance the application. Agencies charge a handling fee for services over and above the fee payable to the India Government. Indian visa application centers provide a legitimate service under the control of the Indian Government, experience and expertise, reliability and prompt assistance and customer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week either online, telephonically, via email or personally.

Applicants can simply apply online where an online visa is required, with or without the help of agencies such as Indian Visa Online. Using the online agencies is a fast alternative, and approval is typically forthcoming within four business days.

For regular visas, applicants must go through the Indian visa application centers stipulated by their country of origin. Indian visas are available throughout the U.S. through the Government of India’s visa contractor, Cox & Kings Global Services while BLS International caters to many other countries around the world. The experienced and expert agents at the India visa center will be able to inform applicants which of the many types of visa granted by the Indian Government they should apply for to meet the requirements of their particular trip to India.

The Indian Government offers many types of visa depending on the travelers reasons for visiting India, such as: e-Visa, Business Visa, Conference Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Employment Visa, Emergency Visa, Entry Visa, Journalist Visa, Medical Visa, Missionary’s Visa, Research Visa, Student Visa, Tourist Visa, Transit Visa, Intern Visa, Film Visa, and Permit to re-enter within 2 months. The visa application center typically processes any of these visas within three working days. Emergency visas can be granted in considerably less time than this, depending on the nature of the emergency. The Indian visa application centers process the application and issue the visa in accordance with the nationality of the applicant. India visa centers are adept at handling special cases according to the specific requirements on a need to basis according to the specific regulations of the Indian Mission or Consulate in the applicable country.

Going the VAC route requires the submission of a duly signed physical application on the scheduled date of interview. All supporting documentation must be brought to the interview in order for the application to be processed. Indian visa application center will inform applicants as to the requirements and the correct procedures according to the respective India visa centers depending on the resident country. They also assist applicants in gathering the required supporting documentation for their applications to meet the requirements.

All told the Indian Visa Application Centers around the world are worth their weight in gold as far as making the application process as painless and expeditious as possible. With visa centers for every need, applying for a visa to visit India, whether it be for spiritual, recreational, business or for the purpose of visiting family or friends, is no longer a worry.

Indian Visa Online assists travelers in processing online Indian e-visas for approval. As an Indian Visa Agency, no affiliation exists to any organizations or the Government of India.