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India is a perfect example of the contrast between technological advancement, and conservative traditions merged perfectly with stringent religious ethics. With more than 17,000 colleges and 383 universities, India offers attractive opportunities for international studies for foreign student-tourists from all around the globe. Resources for those students looking beyond their own borders for opportunities in higher education are available through private colleges, government agencies, and international studies advocacy organizations.

India is a significant player in the economic marketplace, omnipresent in tech industries and manufacturing, and within the global service-sector across all levels. The Indian government offers foreign students a range of scholarships annually issued through local offices in various countries. The Indian diplomatic missions abroad also provide information on the various scholarships offered.

To study in India on scholarship, applicants must have a Pass Certificate of qualifying exams, proof of passing the English language proficiency test, mark sheet of the qualifying examination, notarized copy of passport, and original Student Visa. Indian Visa approval is subject to applicants having a valid passport, a re-entry permit (if required), proof of admission to a full-time course in India at a recognized educational institution, and proof of assured financial standing (proof of scholarship).