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MY HUSBAND AND I ARE BOTH CITIZENS OF THE COUNTRY; HOWEVER, OUR DAUGHTER IS A US CITIZEN. I JUST WANT TO KNOW IF WE CAN VISIT INDIA WITH OUR 6-MONTH OLD BABY. DOES OUR CHILD NEED TO HAVE BOTH A COUNTRY PASSPORT AND VISA? CAN SHE GO WITH US WITHOUT A VISA? We are green card holders in the United States and India citizens at the same time. However, our child is a citizen of the United States, and we want to travel to the country. I just need to know what type of India eVisa we need to have for our baby.

As a baby born to NRI parents, no Indian visa application for entry into India is required. NRIs planning to visit India must be in possession of an OCI card, which is a smart card which serves as a life-long multiple entry visa to visit India. Parents of babies born in the US can request a US passport for the baby. However, the Government of India and Consulate General of India do not permit dual citizenship. Therefore Indian citizenship must be renounced. Apply for OCI/PIO cards through the Indian visa application process.