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Traveling the world can be exciting. But it has to start with having the relevant travel documents before you can embark. A visa is one such requirement. What does a US citizen need in the way of a visa to travel to India?  

Firstly, the traveler will need a US passport with a corresponding Visa, which can be obtained from an Indian mission or post, or the comfort of home using the online application facility. This online Indian e Visa for USA is the simplest option, for stays of up to 60 days in India. The online application does not require the applicant to visit the Consulate or Agency. To be eligible for the Indian visa onlien for USA, US citizens must apply between 4 and 120 days prior to entry through a designated port.

The Government of India grants Visas to visit India of varying types, depending on the applicant’s reasons for visiting. The Indian Tourist Visa, Business, and Medical visas are the most common. Other less well-known Indian visas as well as Visas for stays longer than 60 days, must be made through the Consulate General of India. In the USA, the Indian Consulate outsources its visa processing to Visa Application Centers. US citizens would, therefore, complete the online application form, submit the scanned copy of the front page of the passport and the required photograph, print out the application form, and submit it to the VAC. Handwritten applications are not acceptable wherever online facilities are provided. Upon processing of the application, the applicant is prompted to make an appointment for an interview. All required documents must be submitted on the day of the interview as well as all supporting documents (birth certificate, passport, government-issued ID. An Application ID is issued to use for future correspondence.