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U.S. citizens considering visiting India must have a visa to enter the country. It is well worth the quick and easy application to visit this country of intrigue, sights, sounds, and unique culture.

U.S. citizens may apply for a visa to India online to receive an eVisa for a stay of up to 180 days, irrespective of the type of e-Visa granted. The Indian government issues varying types of travel visas, depending on the reason for visiting India, Indian Visa Checklist: 

  • e-Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Conference Visa
  • Diplomatic Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Emergency Visa
  • Entry Visa
  • Journalist Visa
  • Medical Visa
  • Missionary’s Visa
  • Research Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Tourist Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Intern Visa
  • Film Visa
  • Permit to re-enter within 2 months

The online procedure is the same for every e-Visa, and we can assist in the simple 3-step process:

  • Step 1:  Apply online
  • Step 2: Submit Payment (PayPal payments accepted)
  • Step 3: Authorization will be emailed in PDF format and should be printed out and carried with you for the duration of your trip.

Document checklist for Indian Visa/Indian visa document checklist:

  • Scanned first page of passport in PDF format
  • A digital photograph in JPEG format must be square and of equal height and width, between 10 KB and 1 MB in size, centered within frame without a border, presenting full face from top of hair to bottom of chin, front view, with eyes open taken against a plain light colored or white background

U.S. citizens may apply online at least 4 days before the envisaged date of arrival, with a window of 30 days. If the fee payable is not paid a minimum of 4 days before the expected date of travel stipulated on the application, the application will not be processed. Be careful while making a payment, as the application will be blocked after 3 unsuccessful attempts and application will have to be done started again. Applicants are recommended to wait 4 hours for a status update after final submission and payment in the application process to be sure all is in order.

Any errors or omissions on the application form or failure to submit supporting documents according to the specification will result in delays or rejection. The visa is valid for 30 days from the date of arrival in India. Biometrics will be captured by the Immigration official on arrival in India, and the information on the visa must match the passport.

Stays exceeding 180 days require a regular visa for which application must be made through the Indian Consulate dealing with the applicant’s US jurisdiction. The cost of a Tourist Visa for India from USA ranges depending on legth of stay allowed.

This procedure begins with the same online application as the eVisa, followed by:

  • Automatic generation of an application ID to be used in further communication with the Indian Consulate/Commission
  • An appointment is scheduled with the appropriate Indian Consulate/Commission
  • The payment amount is stipulated and the means to pay provided

Applicants must have relevant documents with them at the time of their interview, depending on the nature of their visit to India. Indian Visa Application Checklist for Supporting Documents:

  • Proof of State Residency: state-issued Identity cards such as valid driver’s license; utility bills for water, gas, electric, sewage (not older than 90 days); valid lease showing a signature of landlord and tenant
  • Signed application with one recent 2 x 2 passport type color photograph, front view against a plain/white background, not to be stapled to the application
  • Order form
  • Additional particulars form signed
  • Passport
  • Copy of payment receipt
  • Visa checklist
  • Courier service form

Persons of Indian origin may not have dual citizenship which requires anyone with a passport from another country who has held an Indian Passport before to renunciate Indian passport immediately after acquiring the new nationality. A Surrender or Renunciation certificate is required, and the passport must be stamped as “canceled due to acquiring foreign nationality.” Travelers need not carry a Certificate of Renunciation of Indian Citizenship during their travel to India.

Indian Visa Online assists US travelers in processing the online Indian visa application from the USA. As an Indian Visa Agency, no affiliation exists to any organizations or the Government of India.