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What is the cost in Colombo? The cost of getting a Tourist visa for Indian in Sri Lanka is the same as through any VAC or online services. There are nominal and service fees, which need to be paid while submitting your application.  

All Non-Norwegians must submit a copy of their residence permit and both passports if holding dual nationality and telefax for visa clearance for non-ethnic Norwegian. Depending on the nationality of the applicant applying for a visa in Norway, visa fees for an Indian tourist visa can vary.

Should I apply for an Indian visa from Sri Lanka during the ten days I am in that country? What are the special requirements? All foreign nationals and Sri Lankan dual citizens applying for Indian visas in Sri Lanka must complete a FAX Reference Form and submit it along with the online Visa Application Form. Non-Sri Lankan Nationals must submit the completed Visa Application Form, 2 recent 2”x2” color photographs, (the photo on Passport and VAF must match applicant’s present appearance), correct visa details of last visit to India, copy of passport, and current Sri Lanka visa page. Processing time for Non- Sri Lanka national’s visa is normally issued on the 6th working day.

Must nationals of Sub Saharan Africa produce a Yellow Fever Certificate to enter India? Is this also a requirement when applying from Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is not in Sub Saharan Africa, so you don’t need to undergo a vaccination against yellow fever for an Indian tourist visa.

It is always advisable to apply for a travel visa from the country in which you hold nationality as the origin country does affect the visa application.