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When planning a trip to India, it is required that the mandatory travel documents be in place to permit entry into India. It speaks for itself that any would-be traveler requires a valid passport. To enter India, almost every citizen of every country must apply for and receive the relevant entry visa. This visa must include Indian visa passport photo which meets all Indian visa application photo requirements stipulated by the Government of India. It is, of course, imperative that the visa application is made timeously so as to avoid rejection or disappointment.

You can have your photos for Indian visa taken, or you can take one yourself, provided it meets with the very specific Indian visa application photo requirements. Almost anywhere in the world, applicants are able to have passport type photos taken at drugstores, pharmacies, photography stores, print shops, universities, newspaper offices, certain retail stores, the local post office, Automobile Association sites, printers, and photo booths.  

The online application procedure allows for a digital photo to be uploaded, which means that you can take your photograph yourself using your webcam or smartphone. You need not be a professional, provided your photo meets the requirements.

If you are not confident enough to take your own photo and would prefer a professional printing service, you can access services online that assist with taking and editing your photo according to the Indian visa stipulations. These services may allow you the option of using the photo for free digitally, printing it yourself, having it printed elsewhere, or getting it mailed to you at a fee.

It is normal for specifications to change when applying for a visa, and this may well affect your Indian visa application photo requirements. As such, make sure to check the latest requirements before submitting applications. It is likely however that the Indian visa photo requirement will be the same as that for your passport.

Photos for Indian visa can be digital, or a scanned version of a photo taken by someone who specializes in passport photographs. It must be a recent photo taken within the last 6 months. Indian visa photo requirements state that the photo is in color, square, 2 x 2 inches square (50 x 50 mm) and between 1 MB and 10 MB in size. The photo should be taken against a plain light-colored background, without shadows either on the face or in the background. The photo must be a front view of the full face, with eyes open, without spectacles, and wearing a natural expression. Babies under 1 year of age need not have their eyes open. Head coverings are permitted for religious reasons only and may not obscure any part of the face. Digital enhancing or retouching is definitely not acceptable. The photo should present full center from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin within the frame. India visa photo requirements furthermore stipulate the layout to be portrait without borders. Applicants should wear plain clothes and avoid florals or multicolored attire for the photo. Babies (over a year) must look into the camera with eyes open and have no visible signs of outside support.

For digital photos taken online or with a smartphone, the format for Indian visa photo online requirements is JPEG. The photo dimensions must be between 900 x 1200 pixels wide and 2250 x 3000 pixels high, in a 3:4 aspect ratio.

To upload a digital photograph, the process is succinctly set out during the online application procedure. It is important that the photo meets the format, size, layout, and stipulations before submission. Applications will be rejected where the photo fails to comply one hundred percent.

It is recommended that applicants have sufficient time to upload and edit the photo properly. Rushed attempts at meeting the very definite specifications may well lead to the application being rejected. Rather spend the time getting it right the first time. After all, applying for a visa is not something you have to do often.

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